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We are a full-service, family law practice in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our services include divorce, child custody, child support, legal separation, alimony, division of assets. Our attorneys also handle adoptions at all stages.


Adoption Law

Adoption law in North Carolina can be complicated, but our experienced adoption attorneys will guide you through the process whether you're interested in open adoption or stepparent adoption.



Herring & Mills, PLLC offers representation to Intended Parents and Surrogates going through gestational surrogacy, egg donation or in need of a pre-birth order.

Divorce Law

Divorce Law





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Equitable Distribution

Case Study – Equitable Distribution

What is equitable distribution? Equitable distribution, or “ED”, is a requirement that the Court divide marital property fairly between the spouses. In most cases, North Carolina judges divide property equally.

The Charges:

Complaint for Equitable Distribution

The Verdict:

Equal division of Marital Property

Herring & Mills Attorneys Discussion

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collaborative law Client Testimonials:
I recently went through a very messy divorce. It was a long process and for me, one that was very emotional. I was truly blessed to have a lawyer who did more than defend me in court--they cared about me. Thank you again.
Allison K., CLIENT